Baila La Fruta, Cantan Los Ríos
por José Chavez


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The poems in Baila La Fruta, Cantan Los Ríos flow with colorful words and descriptions ranging from food and nature alike. The family traditions that include food paint a vivid picture of family togetherness. authored by José Chavez. The poems are relevant and will give children and adults alike the opportunity to share family stories, especially as they relate to food. I highly recommend this book,

- Tracie Randolph, Library Manager, Glen Avon Regional Library, Riverside County 

 Chávez has found a way to entice young children to enjoy the poetic beauty and simplicity of their surroundings—from fruit and small animals to family collaboration, friendship, and more.  … he’s promoting healthy food and ways to protect the earth! A timely poetry book for today’s classrooms.

- María de la Luz Reyes, Ph.D./Author

Dancing Fruit, Singing Rivers, Baila la Fruta, Cantan los Ríos is an excellent resource for learning to read as it provides rhythm, repetition, and oral practice that students need. In an era of Climate Change, themes about healthful eating and taking care of our Mother Earth enhance the reading experience for students, teachers, and parents. This is José’s second book of poetry, after his Award-Winning Estrellitas y Nopales, Little Stars and Cactus. José Chávez was a bilingual teacher for 35 years and retired to make writing bilingual poetry for children his mission. 

El libro, Dancing Fruit, Singing Rivers-Baila la Fruta, Cantan los Ríos es un recurso excelente para aprender a leer, así que provee ritmo, repetición, y la práctica oral que necesitan los alumnos. En una época  del Cambio Climatológico, los temas acerca de la comida saludable y el cuidado de nuestra Madre Tierra aumentan la experiencia de la lectura para alumnos, maestros, y padres. Este es el segundo libro de poesía bilingüe para José, después de su premiado libro Estrellitas Y Nopales, Little Stars and Cactus. José Chávez fue maestro bilingüe por treinta y cinco años y se retiró para escribir poesía bilingüe para niños como su meta.